The Empire State Building and Its Colors

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The best thing about what is arguably New York’s most famous building is that it is constantly rotating the color of its lights, which means the appearance of the building — and the New York skyline — is always changing. The color choices represent holidays, anniversaries or organizations, and I love to look up the meaning of the different combinations.

For example, the colors in the photo above are in honor of WNET, the Celebration of Teaching and Learning. On April 1, the lights will turn all blue in honor of autism awareness; then orange, orange and white on April 8-10, in honor of Parkinson’s Awareness Month. On April 13, the lights will return to all blue in honor of the Blue Man Group’s 20th anniversary. They’ll be all green on April 22 in honor of Earth Day. So random, yet so fun.

Click here for a great site that shows the building’s current colors and what they mean.

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