Essay Published in America Now: Short Readings From Recent Periodicals

“Good Grammar Gets the Girl,”
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Published in America Now: Short Readings From Recent Periodicals, edited by Robert Atwan

In the few weeks that I’ve been a member of an online dating service, I’ve had an interesting range of people contact me. Meet Craig (not his real name). He’s a 28-year-old Virgo seeking a lady who is “fun to be around.” He says he finished college and is employed full time. All in all, he seems like a pretty together guy.

Until you read his message.

“Hi! I love to have fun weather it at work or hang out with friends,” wrote Craig in his introductory conversation, which I’ve left with the original grammar. “I’m an optimistic because like is to short too be a pessimistic.”

In our second conversation, he informed me, “I don’t like it when people play games and our dishonest. I have been burned to many times.”

Sorry, Craig. you seem a little “to dumb” to date.

I’m sure Craig is actually very smart. I’m sure he’s very sweet. But in the online dating world, that just won’t cut it, babe.

Our society has reverted to the written word as one of the initial means of conversation. Although these love letters generally aren’t written on parchment with quill pens, many first impressions are based solely on how you express yourself through the English language.

With the explosion of the Internet, many couples have exchanged their first flirting words through instant messages, e-mail, and online dating services. Grammar isn’t just a subject taught in seventh grade or a thing you worry about when writing a cover letter any longer. If you can’t spell, use grammar, or express yourself through writing, you’re going to be in trouble with the ladies.

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