Summer Fun at the NYC Transit Museum

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I’d been meaning to visit the Transit Museum in Brooklyn since I moved to the city, but I kept putting it off, distracted by the fancy Manhattan museums with all their Picassos and Monets. That was a mistake. The Transit Museum is where it’s at.

NYC Transit Museum

The museum is located in an abandoned subway station, and you have to go underground to enter it. The first section tells you all about how subways are constructed and includes photos from the original construction in the late 1800s. As you wander through the museum, you get a chance to see old buses and trains. If you’re 28 going on 11, you’ll sit in the bus and pretend to drive it.

NYC Transit Museum

The museum allows you to wander through old trains and see the original ads that are posted on each of them. Some of my favorites include Etti-Cat, who tells you how to be polite on the subway. She also looks freakishly like Holly Golightly.

NYC Transit Museum

I was also taken with this Coney Island ad.
NYC Transit Museum

And the old seats on the trains. They’re so fancy.

NYC Transit Museum

And when I was ready to go home, I just had to look at an old map to find my neighborhood.

NYC Transit Museum

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  1. Lily Darais says:

    so, so fun! i love your nyc life!!

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