Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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Dad grilling bacon
Some people’s fathers just aren’t nice people. When I hear them complain, it reminds me how lucky I am. Not to brag, but my dad is fantastic.

When you first meet Kevin, he probably won’t say much. He’ll sit quietly, smiling and observing the situation, and let his chatty wife and daughters take over the conversation. After a while, you’ll start to see some clues — a weird dance move, a funny noise, a song sung in all falsetto, a joke told in a ridiculous accent — that will show you the goofy guy you may have missed at first. After that, it’s all downhill.

Me and Dad

My parents treat everyone they meet as if they were family. They invited my friends to hang out at their house long after I’d left for college. They drive homeless people from the shelter to church with them (and buy them lunch after the service). They welcome newcomers in town to family Thanksgivings and Sunday dinners.

Mom and Dad

When people are scared before a surgery, my dad sings to them or prays with them. When someone needs advice, my dad listens, then offers his wisdom. If someone needs support for addiction, he drops everything to be there for them. But he won’t talk about it or brag about it. In fact, he’s probably uncomfortable that I’m writing these things.

My dad is the person who takes me on hikes to seek out crazy Geocaching sites, the one who showed me how to paint and taught me to fly-fish. He didn’t get angry when, during these efforts, I ruined all his fancy brushes or snagged his neck with a fishing hook (um, on multiple occasions); he just showed me how to do it better the next time. We swap book recommendations, new musicians we love and grammar advice. I can go to him with any problem, and I know he’ll always be there.


I love you, Dad. You’re a fantastic father, husband and friend, and we’re all so happy you were born 56 years ago.

Jon and Dad

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  2. Therese says:

    Yes he is amazing. I am grateful for his life, his love and his encouragement and support for me and my family. Grateful that his and my lovely sisters genetics formed you and your brother and sister (well along with God)… Love you Elissa. Kind to the core=Kevin Englund

  3. Lily Darais says:

    I’ve never met your dad, but this post made me love him too! What a beautiful family!

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