Shakin’ for Bacon

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Bacon on the grill

I became a vegetarian in high school after sitting at the lunch table with a butcher and a farmer. The butcher explained how someone could easily lose a finger in the grinder and nobody would know. The farmer chimed in and told me how cows were slaughtered. I picked the pepperoni off my pizza and didn’t touch meat for years after that moment. Then one day, I started having weird dreams — about steak. And salami. And burgers. I tried eating leafy greens, which are supposed to replace the nutrients you’re craving when you crave meat. It didn’t help.

The day I woke up craving a Slim Jim, I gave in and ate a hamburger. It was delicious.

5 Responses to “Shakin’ for Bacon”

  1. Cat says:

    The siren song of bacon will erode even the most committed vegetarian’s will. Or maybe just me.

  2. Kevin Englund says:

    If you close your eyes, it does taste quite a bit like bacon flavored tofu.

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