All Is Calm

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Evening after the stormMy neighborhood was largely unaffected by the hurricane/tropical storm that hit last night and this morning. One roommate and I slept in the living room, just in case the windows blew out (we’re on the 24th floor), while another toughed it out in her bed. This morning, most of my NYC friends remarked how unimpressed they were by the storm, which I thought was amusing.

My friend Krysten pointed me to a funny tweet from Brad Walsh that sums it up pretty well: “@BradWalsh: Like many young women before her, Irene came to NYC hoping to be as big as she was back in Carolina, only to be ridiculed by the locals.”

The photo at left was taken from my bedroom window this evening, long after the storm rolled away and left nothing but clouds and strong wind.

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  1. Lily Darais says:

    Elissa, I’m glad you’re safe! That picture is beautiful.

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