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Dough doughnuts

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a picky eater: I like weird foods and will try anything once. Sure, I didn’t eat meat for a long time and am still a bit iffy about some of it, but that has less to do with the taste and more to do with overthinking its origins. (I can’t eat chicken legs without picturing a chicken. And its legs. Running. And then I’m not hungry.) Some of the foods I eat the most — brussels sprouts, kale, tofu — are some of the top foods most people hate. My list? It mostly consists of things people really, really love. They include:

  • Doughnuts. Something about the texture — so fluffy, so formless — freaks me out, and a doughnut’s overt sweetness requires me to balance it with lots of black coffee. Frankly, I’d prefer to just have the coffee and leave the doughnuts for someone else.
  • Lamb. It’s often really greasy and slimy and guarantees I’ll have a stomachache within 20 minutes. Also, I spent too much time watching Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop as a kid, and I can’t help but picture his cute little sock face when I take a bite.
  • Cupcakes. I’m so often tempted by their cute designs and bright colors, and I’m almost always disappointed. One bite, and I remember: I don’t really like cake. I don’t really like super sweet things. I really dislike frosting. Cupcakes are just the trendy loser cousins to my beloved cheesecake.
  • Bananas. This comes and goes in phases. Sometimes I enjoy the occasional banana. But it has to be perfectly yellow: no spots, no green. The texture still freaks me out a bit, and halfway through, I usually remember that I’m not much of a fan.
  • Red Bull. This isn’t technically a food, but I hate it so much that when a bartender pours or even opens it, the smell alone turns my stomach.
  • Watermelon. I cannot comprehend why this watery, weird-flavored, squishy/gritty filler fruit is such a beloved part of everyone’s summer. If I order a fruit salad and it arrives with mostly melon, I’m pissed.

The most interesting food hatred has to belong to my roommate Kat, who despises citrus. She can’t even be in the room when I’m peeling an orange because it gives her a strong headache.

How about you? What foods do you hate that everyone else seems to love?

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  1. Lauren says:

    Just wanted you to know that watermelon is one of the very healthiest foods you can eat due to the fact that it is alkaline. Since our standard American diet usually consists of a lot of animal based products, our body chemistry tends to be very acidic but having alkaline foods helps to balance this out. I know that watermelon has been used to detoxify the body very successfully and helps to allow the body to heal from any number of diseases. I would encourage you to reconsider your aversion to this very excellent melon and embrace its value to your system!

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