Watch out for Central Park

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Central Park at sunset, taken Dec. 3Central Park West, sunset

For some reason, before I moved to New York, I always assumed the most dangerous part of Manhattan was Central Park. Blame it on early-’90s TV shows and all the Wet/Sticky Bandit scenes from Home Alone 2, but I was convinced that entering the park meant I might as well hand over my wallet to the next person I saw. I mean, I was going to get mugged anyway.

Central Park from Belvedere Castle, spring 2011

Central Park

After years of running in the park, sitting on the benches reading the paper, taking Chicken for walks, playing Frisbee and meeting friends for picnics, I’m in love. I live 10 minutes away, and the proximity to Central Park is a large reason why I stay in my (very expensive and vaguely boring) neighborhood. It’s safe, peaceful and a nice quasi-natural break from the concrete and steel of the remainder of the city.

Also, sometimes you see wizards.

Central Park wizard



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