I Made a Website!

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My co-worker Doug has a book of short stories coming out in May, and I’ve spent the past month or so working with him to create his author website. This was  the most complicated Web project I’ve taken on, and it was a lot of fun to figure out how to work within CSS and HTML. (We purchased a template, which I modified based on Doug’s needs, so I didn’t build it from scratch. Just to clarify.)

He has really distinctive handwriting, so for the logo, I had him simply write his name in red pen, which I then traced over with a thick marker, scanned and uploaded as a jpeg. The rest of the site is clean and a bit minimalist, and I thought this gave it a funkier vibe.

I also created text-only logos for each of the stories he featured in his writing portfolio, based on the content and tone of the stories themselves.

It’s been fun and quite addictive, and I’m already planning the next site I want to build.

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