Christmas in Our Tiny Home

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OK, so I love Christmas. I’m the kind of person who never complains that stores are playing carols too early. On Thanksgiving, my iPod is already loaded with my Bing Crosby playlist. My presents are purchased a few days later. You get the picture.

But now that I live with two girls and two pets in a small Manhattan apartment, Christmas decorating needs to be a bit more creative. This year, I’m proud to say that despite our tiny living room, we managed to have three trees, along with decorations and a paper garland. Observe.

Tree 1

My first New York City tree, which I bought for an even smaller apartment in 2008.


Tree 2

A previous roommate left this at our current apartment, and I claimed it. We decorated it with lights and chandelier earrings in lieu of ornaments.


Tree 3

This is my latest invention. It’s made of construction paper taped to the wall, along with wooden scrapbooking “ornaments” and a paper chain. The presents were constructed by my roommate Jess.


Christmas tree made of construction paper.234

Other decorations

Grandpa Apple got a Santa hat.


Old Christmas cards and scrapbook paper went on the wall.


Paper chains hung above the counter.


And ornaments sat on the bookshelves.


And, of course, we added a few pine-scented candles to make it all feel authentic.

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  1. Mael says:

    I love it Elissa. Happiest of holidays lady!

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