Sisters in Arizona

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Last month, my sister Kristin went to Phoenix for a conference, and at the last minute I decided to buy a ticket and join her for the weekend. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to say yes more often, so I figured this would be a great way to start.

The Grand Canyon

On our first full day there, we did the requisite visit to the Grand Canyon, which I wanted to see mostly because I felt like I should. And wow. I know everyone says this, but it’s true: pictures won’t prepare you for how awesome it is. It was completely worth the eight-hour round-trip drive to see it. The south part of the canyon is the only section open during the winter, and we approached the canyon from several vantage points in that area. At the bottom is a fancy lodge, and you can apparently hike down there, sleep overnight in the lodge and hike back up the next day. This is the newest item on my bucket list.

Nobody has ever taken this photo in the history of photography. I’m totally original.


Kristin’s fancy phone takes panoramas. Mine takes primarily Facebook selfies.


Montezuma Castle

On our way to the canyon, we came across road signs telling us to visit Montezuma Castle, an 800-year-old cliff dwelling that is six stories high. They closed the inside to tourists in the ’50s, which is too bad, but even the outside was really impressive.

Kristin and me in front of the original sixth-floor walkup.

Montezuma Well, near the castle, which the residents used for drinking and irrigation.


On our way back to Phoenix, we stopped at an awesome, divey BBQ place called the Singing Pig for fantastic pulled pork and “pig balls” (pork meatballs), which were delicious and unfortunately named. Kristin and I put pins in their world map to show where we’re from.

Michigan, represent!


Apache Trail

The following day, we drove the Apache Trail and stopped at the Superstition Mountain Museum for a craft fair at the old-timey Arizona tourist trap. I loved it—and bought a necklace made of dinosaur bone.


Apache Mountain is in the background. Next time I come to Arizona, I’m climbing it for sure.


I was crushed to learn that Terry the “Taranchula” is not a giant spider but rather a fake, electronic, twitching spider.


Where the deer and the antelope play.


Then we continued to drive along the twisty canyon road until we came upon a lake, which was creatively named Canyon Lake.

I should mention here that my sister is a far better driver than I am.


Canyon Lake.


Kristin drove. I took selfies in the passenger seat.


Finally, we came upon the touristy Old West town of Tortilla Flat, which featured this guy hanging from the general store. Arizona rules.


To see more photos from our Phoenix trip, check out my Flickr set.

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