Mr. Roger

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So about a week ago, I found a baby starling in my attic next to its dead mother. I named him Roger and I’ve been taking care of him, getting up at all hours of the night to feed him, taking proud-parent pics every day as I watch his feathers grow in, etc.

He already learned to “fly,” which is more of a hop; perch on my hand; beg for food and mimic some noises I make. Eventually, he’ll be able to talk!

My widdle baby’s growing up. Soon he’ll be in preschool.

Here’s the most recent pic of Roger in his proud warrior pose:

Chillin on the bookshelf. About two minutes after this, he pooped on Samuel Beckett.

He can’t stand on any slippery surfaces, so his legs splay out like a gymnast:

Begging for food from inside his shoebox:

The horrifyingly aromatic mush I feed him, made from damp cat food, applesauce, hard-boiled eggs (ironic, isn’t it?), avian vitamins and tums. I’m never using my blender again.

His favorite pose, sleeping under my “wing”:

Begging for food:

4 Responses to “Mr. Roger”

  1. emily says:

    awwwww, he’s so cute!!! and i want a typepad account now, blogspot SUCKS.
    -the bingster

  2. Benita says:

    awww, he is adorable. and he grew so fast!
    So, does this mean you’re keeing him?
    - Benita

  3. Kristin says:

    He is so stinkin’ adorable!

  4. mariannealice says:

    he looks just like my Charlotte begging for food….babies are all alike- human or bird or otherwise!

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