Bye, Roger

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I’ve decided that I should let Roger back into the wild. He started flying circles around the room and sitting sadly by the window.

He’s a wild bird by nature, and I can’t prevent that.

So on Saturday, I let him outside. He sat outside my window on the fire escape, basking in the sun for a while, then began screeching and begging to be let back in. I opened the window, and he flew onto my shoulder. He didn’t let me out of sight for hours, and if I put him down, he’d fly back to my shoulder.

The next day, I tried again.

He did the same thing, playing outside until he begged to be let back in. When I opened the window, he refused to leave my shoulder.

Two nights ago, I tried for a third time. He begged for a bit, but I decided to ignore him and see what happened.

When I came to the window, he was gone. I haven’t seen him since.

It’s like I went through a fast-paced parenthood. Getting up all night to feed him, watching his little feathers and his beak grow, eventually getting tired and slightly annoyed with him, and finally watching him leave to be on his own.

All in three weeks.

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  1. mariannealice says:

    what a brave mama bird you are….

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