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Poster for New York City bar Front Toward Enemy

Design and Arton April 30th, 2015No Comments

I was commissioned to create a poster and digital flier for the Astoria bar Front Toward Enemy’s 2015 St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Hand-Drawn Save-the-Date Postcard

Design and Arton March 16th, 2015No Comments

Gouache paint and hand-lettered wedding save-the-date, February 2015.

Logos of Movie Characters for Etching

Design and Arton February 25th, 2014No Comments

In 2013, I created a series of logos inspired by movie characters, which were etched onto whiskey glasses as a gift for my brother.

Karate Kid


James Bond

James Bond


Home Alone

Author Douglas Watson’s Website

Design and Arton February 25th, 2014Comments Off

Created custom icons throughout the site, built the full site, modified the template’s HTML and performed site maintenance. See the full website here.

Invitation for Autumn Bridal Shower

Design and Arton February 24th, 2014No Comments

In 2012, I threw my sister a bridal shower and created custom invitations in InDesign, complete with vector leaves. (Personal information has been removed.)

Portrait, Oil on Canvas

Design and Arton February 23rd, 2014No Comments

Created as part of a portrait-painting class at School of Visual Arts in New York City.

School Murals, New York City

Design and Arton February 22nd, 2014No Comments

In 2011 and 2012, I painted a series of murals at several schools in Harlem. Some were educational, some were characters from children’s books and some were inspirational quotes chosen by the principal.
Mean Jean.
Elementary school painting
Quote I painted in the girls' bathroom at a school in the Bronx.

Watercolor, Crayon and Marker Portrait

Design and Arton September 16th, 20101 Comment
Crayon, watercolor and permanent marker on paper

Apple Still Life, Acrylics on Canvas

Design and Arton September 16th, 2010No Comments
Acrylic on canvas