Carol Marine’s Small Still-Life Paintings

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Carol Marine Daily Painting Demo No. 2 from Carol Marine on Vimeo.

I recently discovered the work of Carol Marine, who does a quick still life a day and posts it on her blog. I love the thick brushstrokes and beautiful colors in all her paintings. If you want to be completely mesmerized for five minutes, watch the time-lapse video above to see a quick painting in progress.

Empties Reflected

Looking Up

Impressive Graffiti Video

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NGVstudio – Everfresh – Graffiti always wins from Everfresh Studio on Vimeo.

This is a great video showing graffiti artists Everfresh and Miso painting at the National gallery in Melbourne. I love to see the process and the steps it takes to make a great piece of graffiti.

I found out about this from a Facebook friend, Jesse, who posted a link to Boooooooom, a pretty great site I hadn’t seen before.

Cute Graffiti From Montreal

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I don’t usually post images of graffiti from places other than New York, but I saw this little guy on Wooster Collective and it made me giggle. I think every fire hydrant should be manufactured with a happy little face like this.

Admit One

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Anthropologie Decorations
Anthropologie DecorationsI love going to Anthropologie for a lot of reasons (its clothes, books, home goods, sales racks, purses, jewelry…I could keep going), but my favorite thing about the store is its consistently amazing in-store decorations. They use mainly recycled materials — from coffee filters to used books to broken furniture — to create seasonal displays that are gorgeous and mind-blowing.

This display is a canopy bed, but instead of mosquito netting, the designers sewed together hundreds of “Admit One” tickets. The colors were gorgeous, and the effect was both dreamy and funky, kind of like the store itself.

I have a few more photos of amazing Anthro window designs that I’ll post in the next few days, just for a little burst of midweek inspiration.