Carol Marine’s Small Still-Life Paintings

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Carol Marine Daily Painting Demo No. 2 from Carol Marine on Vimeo.

I recently discovered the work of Carol Marine, who does a quick still life a day and posts it on her blog. I love the thick brushstrokes and beautiful colors in all her paintings. If you want to be completely mesmerized for five minutes, watch the time-lapse video above to see a quick painting in progress.

Empties Reflected

Looking Up

CAT through FISHeye

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Cat through fisheye

See what I did there?

Summer Fun at the NYC Transit Museum

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I’d been meaning to visit the Transit Museum in Brooklyn since I moved to the city, but I kept putting it off, distracted by the fancy Manhattan museums with all their Picassos and Monets. That was a mistake. The Transit Museum is where it’s at.

NYC Transit Museum

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Atlantic City

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Atlantic City beach

I spent last weekend in Atlantic City with my mom and a few friends. A casino voucher was included with our bus ticket, and I played the nickel slots and won $50. Our gambling fun lasted … an hour. Then we were bored. We spent the remainder of the weekend on the beach, wandering around and watching Jane Eyre in the hotel room. We also spent a good deal of time ducking into the fancy mall next to the beach when a flash thunderstorm hit. Ah, summer.

Atlantic City

My roommate Amy, a talented photographer, took some great photos as well (see them here), including the one below of me and my mom blowing bubbles. It’s everything summer should be.


Organizing the Bookcase: Video

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This video is great — and this looks a lot like how my bookshelves are arranged.

Protractor, by Ryder Revolution

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This is the best punny illustration I’ve seen in a while, from the Flickr pool of Ryder Revolution. See the rest of his illustrations here.

Fryday, Friday

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I conclude my week of few words with a picture taken by me. Oh, carby goodness.

In a related note, I’ve been told a great many times recently that I look like Rebecca Black.

Happy Friday.

Thirsty Thursday

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A Picture’s Worth a Thousand…

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My posts this week have been very image-heavy, and since this is allegedly a blog by a word person about words, it might seem a bit odd.

It’s funny how working with words all day — editing, writing, communicating, e-mailing, tweeting — can suddenly make me shift into a world where all I want to do is look at pretty pictures. It’s partly why I have been painting. I love words, and I love books, but sometimes I need to shut up and look around me.

This painting is by one of my favorite artists, Jack Butler Yeats, the brother of that one poet you might have heard something about. While I’m certainly a fan of W.B., the painter beats the poet today. How’s that for sibling rivalry?

[image via]

Water Wednesday: Claude Monet

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Claude Monet, The Seine at Bougival in the Evening, 1869 [via]

Ruby Tuesday: Georgia O’Keeffe

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Oriental Poppies

Twinkle, Twinkle

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A few soothing images for bedtime. Goodnight, world.

Ben McLaughlin

Source: via Elissa on Pinterest

Edward Hopper

NYC Stop-Motion Tilt-Shift Video

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WATCH THIS NOW. This video is made from 35,000 still photos with a tilt-shift effect. And we all know how much I love the tilt shift.


The Sandpit from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

Photos from the ‘Great Gatsby’ Boat Tour

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Here are a few photos from the Great Gatsby boat tour that I attended on Saturday. The tour was pretty fun, although it contained less information about Fitzgerald and the novel than I expected. Still, the combination of sunshine, fun people, cocktails and a boat ride made the afternoon pretty perfect.

The photo above is what our tour guide thought was the closest approximation to the Gatsby house. See more images after the jump. read more

‘The Man in the Moon,’ by Billy Collins

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He used to frighten me in the nights of childhood,
the wide adult face, enormous, stern, aloft
I could not imagine such loneliness, such coldness

But tonight as I drive home over these hilly roads
I see him sinking behind stands of winter trees
And rising again to show his familiar face

And when he comes into full view over open fields
he looks like a young man who has fallen in love
with the dark earth,

a pale bachelor, well-groomed and full of melancholy,
his round mouth open
as if he had just broken into song

(From Sailing Alone Around the Room; photo by wonderferret)

A Shot of Color for Your Weekend

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Here are a few bright photos to kick off the weekend. These are all ones I’ve collected over on my Pinterest page that brought a bit of beauty to my week.

Source: via Elissa on Pinterest

Source: via Elissa on Pinterest

Have a Gatsby Weekend

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Tomorrow, I’m going with my friend and a bunch of her friends on a Great Gatsby Boat Tour, which, from what I can tell, will consist of sunshine, boats, literary nerds and lots of mint juleps. My kind of Saturday.

On Sunday, I run my second race ever, so we’ll see how that goes. My only goal is to beat my previous time, which I’m hoping will be easy, since it was pouring last time. We’ll see!

What are you up to this weekend?

‘Breakfast Interrupted’ Video

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BSS | Breakfast Interrupted from Bruton Stroube Studios on Vimeo.

This video is really lovely, and it’s especially attractive right now because I’m starving. And in need of some caffeine. And really wanting to get into a food fight.


Amazing Metal Sculptures in Northern Michigan

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George Washingon

Tom Moran is a Northern Michigan ironworker whose company deals mostly with industrial welding and metal structures. But he’s also a pretty amazing artist who specializes in giant metal sculptures, like the huge bust of George Washington above. I’m a bit obsessed with him, and when I went to Michigan in April, my dad and I went on a little road trip to see a few more of his sculptures. They’re beautiful but also incredibly creepy, especially when viewed up close. I love them so much.

See several more of his sculptures after the jump.

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Catface Tuesday

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Holly on the shelf

Cat stuck on bookshelf. That is all.